How to validate payment details

Last updated March 20, 2024
Written by Alexa Littleton


  • This article covers the process of manually validating payment details in Felix, including international payment details (e.g. SWIFT or IBAN) which still require manual validation.
  • For organisations with the Felix-Eftsure integration enabled, please refer to this article to understand viewing and managing payment details where Eftsure performs this for you (i.e. Australian and New Zealand based domestic accounts).

You can view and validate the payment details that have been submitted by a vendor as part of their onboarding application. Payment details are pending until actioned by a member of your organisation. 

Identifying Payment Details Needing Approval

There are three ways you are able to identify whether there are outstanding payment details waiting for approval:

1. Emails

You will be notified via email when new payment details have been submitted by a vendor and are waiting for approval.

You will either receive an email noting that there is a regular payment detail that requires manual attention, or alternatively it may be a payment detail linked to your Eftsure integration.

2. Vendor profile

If you know what vendor you would like to view the payment details for, you can search for the vendor's profile to view the status of their payment details.

1. Navigate to Vendors > View All Vendors

2. Search for the Vendor name via the search bar

3. Click on the Vendor Name

4. Click into Payments > Payment Details

This will allow you to see what details have been added into the vendor profile, and the status of these details. 


If you have the relevant permissions assigned to your user account, you will be able to view a Payment Details Report which will allow you to view all payment details submitted by all vendors.

In order to view this report navigate to Reports > Payment Details.

In the report view, if you hover over a vendor's payment details Status, you will be able to see whether the payment details are being handled by Eftsure verification, or if you are required to manually review and approve the detals.

  • Once an outcome has been selected, it cannot be changed. Ensure you review all details before approving or declining a vendor's payment details.
  • Vendors do not see the validation outcome or comments associated with their payment details. These are intended for your organisation's reference only.

Validating a Vendor's Payment Details

To validate a vendor's payment details:

  1. Navigate to your Vendors > View all vendors from the main menu.
  2. Locate the vendor for which you want to validate payment details, by using the quick search or filters.
  3. Click on the vendor Name or hover over the ellipsis icon and select View Profile from the options.
  4. Click on the Payments tab and select Payment Details.
  5. Locate the payment details that you would like to validate.
  6. Click on the Account Name to view the payment details.
  7. Review the payment details.
  8. In the Additional Details section, enter a reason in the Validation or Decline Reasoning text box.
  9. Click on the appropriate button to Decline Payment Details or Approve Payment Details button.

Tip: Felix has a High-Risk Activity notification which will alert organisations when a vendor has updated both their password and payment details within a short period of time, which may indicate an unusual or suspicious activity.

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