Introducing sign-off templates

Last updated November 22, 2023
Written by Alex Moloney

Sign-off templates allow your organisation to automatically designate individual sections of the questionnaire to a staff user to provide their sign-off. Multiple sign-off templates can be created and assigned to each vendor, allowing your organisation more control over the sign-off workflow.

Note:  Your previously created assignment rules are still available but are now found under Tools > Sign Off Templates.

Your organisation can configure multiple sign-off templates to meet differing requirements and ensure that only the relevant SMEs (subject matter experts) are providing their sign-off. For example, you may configure a sign-off template to be applied to international vendors whilst a different template is used for domestic vendors.

Enforcing sign off template selection at invite

Your organisation has the option to enforce the selection of a sign off template during the invite step. This is set at the Panel level.

Whilst Felix offers the ability to apply sign off templates after the invite stage, for large and decentralised organisations, the risk for confusion and delay doing this after a vendor submission is typically too much.

Organisation users with the right permissions can configure this setting on the page Settings->Panel Management.

Assigning templates to vendors

The introduction of sign-off templates gives your organisation flexibility of how and when these templates are assigned to a vendor.

Templates can be assigned to vendors in one of three ways:

  • When inviting a vendor
  • When unlocking a vendor's application
  • When updating a vendor's panel memberships

Tip:  To learn how to assign a sign-off template to a vendor you can read the following guides; How to invite a vendor, How to unlock a vendor and How to apply a sign-off template to a vendor.

Sign-off assignments will be created based on the template that was assigned to the vendor at the time of submission. This means if a vendor was assigned the incorrect sign-off template during the invite process you have the ability to change the template prior to the vendor's submission.

Felix also gives you the ability to assign templates to a vendor post-submission. For example, you may wish to assign a different template to an approved vendor if they are to be placed on a new panel. If the vendor has already submitted their application any new sign-off assignments will be automatically created overnight based on the new template that has been selected.

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