Keeping your Felix account secure

Last updated April 05, 2022
Written by Alex Moloney

It is important to keep your Felix account details safe to protect your personal and business information. By following a few quick tips, we can help you keep your account data accessible and secure. 

Don't share account logins

Felix allows you to add multiple users to your account. Taking advantage of this feature allows you to follow good security practices and removes the need to share passwords across your team.

Keep your email up to date

Your email address is used to identify you on the Felix platform and to our product support team if you require assistance. Due to this, it's imperative to maintain the accuracy of your account email address at all times.

Set a strong password

It is important to set a strong password to protect the information in your Felix account. We recommend:

  • using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters,
  • using one or more special characters,
  • and not including any personal information in your password.

Secure your account details

It is important to store your account details in a safe and secure place. We recommend the use of a password manager to keep your accounts secure and remove the need to store passwords in a location they can be easily found (i.e. sticky notes).

Notify us of compromised accounts

In the event that your user account has been compromised or you suspect that this may have occurred reach out to our team through our Get Support page and select Report hacked account under Trust & Safety.

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