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What is the Web API?

To assist customers in creating seamless cross-platform workflows we have developed a Representational State Transfer (REST) API based upon the OpenAPI specification to allow you to perform operations such as reading, modifying, adding, and deleting data from your account.

What can it do?

The Felix Web API provides a standard suite of endpoints for customers to use to send and receive data when connecting Felix to external systems. The first version support endpoints for our Vendor Management module, with further releases planned to grant users access to our Sourcing module.

What can I do with the data?

Using the Web API customers will be able to access data from Felix for a range of purposes from reporting and business insights, to integrating Felix with other applications. This unlocks a world of potential for customers to;

  • improve risk management (i.e. check for suspended vendors to enforce a purchase order block),
  • seamlessly share data across systems (i.e. third-party vendor data integrations),
  • and drive informed decision making (i.e. Microsoft Power BI, custom reporting). 

How do I turn it on?

The Felix Web API is included as part of a new add-on Integrations suite for the Felix platform. Customers should reach out to their Customer Success representative to discuss enabling it for their organisation.

Versioning & deprecation policy

To ensure customers have adequate time to perform changes to any integrations utilising the API, after each major update the outgoing legacy version will be maintained for a period of six months. Customers will be notified of new major versions of the API in advance as part of our standard feature release notifications.

Developer information

Technical documentation is available to customers actively using our Integrations suite This provides an overview of endpoints, query parameters, response codes, and payload examples. Please contact your Customer Success representative to obtain a copy.

If you're unsure of who to contact, don't hesitate reach out to the Product Support team who can direct your enquiry to the right place.
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