User management features

Last updated July 13, 2020
Written by Alex Moloney

We're excited to announce user management features are coming for our vendors in early August, read more below to find out what this means for you.

Invite your team with user management

Collaborate with ease and efficiency by inviting your colleagues to join your vendor account and assist with account management, onboarding, and responding to RFQs. 

Control access with security groups

We're conscious you don't want the office intern to be updating your Payment Details, so we've added features so you can control who has access to what and when. Security groups give users the ability to fine-tune the permissions individual users have managing what they can view, edit, and delete.

Assign users to your RFQs

Maintaining visibility over who's working on a specific RFQ can get tricky. To alleviate this, we've added features so you can assign users directly to the RFQ. We'll also show this user to the organisation so they can reach them directly every step of the way.

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