Vendor list improvements - Due early March

Last updated February 19, 2021
Written by Nick Kinch

We've made improvements to the vendor list!

So what's changed?

  1. Performance. The vendor list is loading a whole lot faster!!

  2. Goodbye last-saved-view. "Last saved view" functionality will no longer be supported. Unfortunately, this functionality was significantly slowing down the page. That means if you apply a filter or add a new column to the view and leave the page, the next time you come back to the page your selection will not be remembered. If want to save a filter or columns to come back to them again, please save your selection as a new view.

  3. Saving you extra clicks. To make it easier for you to load your preferred view, we have updated the views interface. You can now select a colour for your view and add them to your favorites. Use your favorite views to customize our navigation menu and save yourself some clicks to jump directly to the preferred selection.

  4. Farewell to ratings and reviews. Two columns are being removed: Ratings and Reviews. This is done as part of phasing out Ratings and Reviews features and replacing them with the Evaluations module.

  5. Some wording changes. The Rates column is being renamed to Services. It will display the count of vendor services available to your organisation.

  6. New columns! You will see four new columns: Key Contact, Invited By, Invited Date, Application (submitted) Date. To add them, go to the Vendors > Columns (selector). You can now sort by date the vendors were invited or the date they submitted an application to review their applications in order.

  7. New filter. We added one new filter: Invited By. Now you can track vendors you've invited and save them to a personal view.

 We've also included some more quality of life improvements:

  • Quick search will work now by clicking Enter after typing up your search.

  • We are making it easier for you to copy links to your view and share them with other users. Simply go to ... next to your view and select Copy Link to copy the URL of the view. Send it to your colleagues next!

  • Going back from Vendor Profile to the list will now take you back to the page where you left off

  • We're introducing a new organisation-wide sub-setting to control when a user can access vendor profiles. Currently, if Registration Dates feature is used, users cannot view Invited vendor profiles, as well as cannot view anyone Pending Approval if the panel registration is open. That means, using public registration currently prevents you from viewing vendor profiles in a specific status. To simplify this logic and speed up the page, we're introducing a sub-setting "Controlled Access". You will be able to control whether public registration should impact access to vendor profiles.

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