Vendor ABN changes

Last updated August 07, 2023
Written by Princess Luzadas

Felix accounts' ABN can be modified under specific circumstances, subject to meeting specific criteria and with mutual agreement between an organisation and a vendor. Below, you will find a compilation of frequently asked questions regarding ABN changes.

When can I request a change of ABN?

ABN changes can be requested at any time, however, changes are subject to the below conditions.

Are there any conditions to changing the ABN of my vendor account?

In most cases, once a vendor has onboarded for an organisation, responded to an RFQ or subscribed to a Marketplace plan, it isn't possible to change the ABN associated with their account. To ensure accurate record keeping of critical business and engagement details for companies a vendor engages with, it's only possible to change the ABN of accounts outside of this when there is a typographical error or the account belongs to a single Felix organisation.

What are the next steps if I'm unable to change my ABN?

If you're unable to change your ABN, the best course of action is to inform the relevant organisations that you now use a new email address. This way, they can send invitations to the updated email, enabling you to set up the new legal entity as a supplier on Felix. If you're wanting to use the same email address as your existing account, you'll need to update the email address of your existing account to a separate email beforehand.

Can I request a change of ABN on behalf of another business?

Requests for ABN changes must be received from an authorised user of the account the request relates to. We are unable to accept requests from third parties. This includes forwarded emails or cc'd requests.

Does any verification take place before an ABN change?

Our team will verify the new ABN via the ABN lookup tool, as well as confirm with the organisation that they are aware of and approve the change of ABN.

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