Direct Integration: Felix and Oracle Aconex

Last updated December 15, 2021
Written by Kristy Dale

Ensure your vendors have the most up-to-date and accurate tender information by integrating Felix and Aconex.

This integration is available to Enterprise customers who use the Projects feature, RFQ feature and have an Aconex DMS subscription.

Take advantage of Felix's direct integration with Aconex DMS, allowing you to seamlessly and securely import documents, drawings, photos, and other project files that support your RFQ. When documents are updated in Aconex, these changes will be reflected in Felix, eliminating the need to manually update documents twice between the two platforms.

Combine the power of Felix and Aconex:

  • Easily import documents: Add supporting documents from Aconex to your RFQ in Felix in just a few clicks.
  • Reduce data discrepancy and improve interoperability: If a document is updated in Aconex, Felix will register this in its daily check and send a notification prompting you to sync updates in Felix.
  • Maintain control over tender document revisions: You decide whether to release the updated documents to vendors through Felix.
  • Improve efficiency across the entire tender process: Stress less knowing that there's no need to keep track of what documents need updating throughout the life of the RFQ.

How it works

The below diagram provides an outline of the Felix and Aconex integration throughout the RFQ process:

Connecting Felix and Aconex

Please note that the integration takes place at a Project level in Felix. While a project in Felix can be connected to one project in Aconex, multiple projects in Aconex can be connected to the same project in Felix

Learn how to connect Felix and Aconex by reaching out to our Customer Success Team at


Learn more about the integration between Felix and Aconex by visiting our FAQs.

What is Aconex?

Aconex is a cloud-based operation management solution for managing information and processes between companies on construction and engineering projects. One of its functions include a Document Management System (DMS), used to receive, track, manage and store documents with version history tracking. 

Learn more about Aconex by visiting the Aconex website or exploring the Oracle Cloud marketplace

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