What's new in Felix - our January wrap-up

Last updated April 20, 2023
Written by Kristy Dale
January was a busy month here at Team Felix!
Here's a wrap-up of the new features and functionality that we deployed in January.

Vendor List search field enhancements

We’ve been talking to customers about how we can continually improve your interactions with vendor data in the platform, and we’re excited to share with you these improvements:

  • When you switch between search options (such as ID, title and phone number) all the data in the field will now remain, saving you time by not having to re-enter information.
  • The email address search option will now search for all users inside a Vendor Profile, and phone number will now search for all numbers within a Vendor List, not just the key contact.

New filters to help you stay on top of vendor compliance

You’ve always had the ability to see Next Expiry information on your vendor list, but we’ve now made it easier to plan ahead and stay on top of compliance. See the new Expiring documents filter in the vendor list to help you not only find vendors with expired documents but also find those that expire in 30, 60 or 90 days.

Boosted functionality for engagements

If you’re using the Engagements feature, you may have noticed a new look for our engagement reminder emails. Besides a refresh to formatting, we have also provided further context in the email to help you remember why the engagement was important to you, as well as the latest status for the work.

Check out the new look of our engagement email reminders

A new tool to monitor vendor performance trends

If you’re an organisation using the Evaluations feature and have performed multiple assignments with the same template, a summary table now allows you to get a simplified historic view of evaluations against that template. This table appears at the top of the View All screen for Evaluations, and represents a tabular format commonly used for KPI tracking so that you can more easily monitor vendor performance.

A new summary table allows you to easily view vendor performance

Get more benefit from services under contract

For those using the Contracts Repository, promote the presence of contracted vendors on the vendor list for all your internal customers to see. We’ve added two new columns in the vendor list - Active Contract indicating whether a Vendor has an active contract to be leveraged, and Contract Count to visualise the level of engagement and coverage with that vendor.

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