What's new in Felix - our February wrap-up

Last updated April 20, 2023
Written by Kristy Dale

Last month we introduced functionality that gives you additional control over vendor questionnaires.

Please note that questionnaire templates need to be configured by the Felix Customer Support Team. You can send your request here to have a new template developed. Please select Configuration Change on the form. 

Send questionnaires to vendors at any time

We've added functionality to Felix that allows you to send questionnaires to vendors for reasons other than onboarding or re-qualification.

For example, you may want to: 

  • Survey vendors for additional compliance: Have the ability to obtain more detailed compliance information, such as modern slavery requirements. 
  • Check-in to see how a project is running: Survey vendors for project status updates, providing insight to if the project is set to meet milestone deadlines. 
  • Issue Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): You can use this functionality to send NDAs, allowing vendors to download, sign and re-upload to Felix. 
  • Collect vendor feedback: Issue ad-hoc surveys to get feedback on how vendors are working with contractors, or to collect any other information as required. 

What does this allow you to do?

  • Better manage vendors and vendor data: Collect information from vendors as required by sending a questionnaire 
  • Enjoy more flexibility: It’s simple to send reminders to vendors who haven’t responded to a questionnaire, or change the deadline to respond. You can even retract a questionnaire. 
  • Have more control over questionnaire assignments: Send reminders, amend the deadline or even retract the questionnaire. You get to decide if questionnaires to need to be approved, and by who. 
  • Easily export for reporting: Export vendor responses as a CSV file for reporting purposes or for upload into other business systems. 

Introducing Bulk Actions

We’ve also introduced a bulk actions feature in the vendor list, making it easier to add bulk actions on vendors, including the ability to send, suspend and unsuspend questionnaires.

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