What's new in Felix - our March wrap-up

Last updated April 05, 2022
Written by Kristy Dale

A lot happened in March here at Team Felix! Here is a wrap-up of the features and functionality we deployed:

More flexible capture of payment details for international vendors

In line with the growing use of Felix across international supply chains, your vendors can now better communicate their preferred payment details to you no matter where they are located.

For customers with Payment Details functionality turned on, your vendors:

  • Can designate the country and currency of their account, as another indicator of how they anticipate being paid by you for the work they are doing for you across the globe.
  • Are warned if they select a bank account country outside of your locations in Felix, to remind them to enter appropriate routing details.
  • Can enter domestic and/or international banking details based on how they anticipate being paid by you - respecting both their and your locations. For international routing, they can choose between IBAN and SWIFT methods.
  • Are presented with country-specific fields (for the top 20 popular countries), labels and help text to remove uncertainty when entering critical banking information.
  • Can provide an optional reference/remittance message to accompany payments requiring international routing.

You will notice some changes to the Payment Details list view and detail view pages – where you validate payment details submitted by vendors – reflecting the additional data being collected.

Vendor view when entering payment details

Organisation validation view showing additional fields collected

A new look for RFQ engagement request emails to vendors

When receiving an engagement request from an RFQ they quoted on, vendors will notice a new look for the request email. Besides a refresh in formatting, we have also provided further context in the email to help vendors assess the request, while keeping sensitive pricing information hidden until the vendor logs into Felix. 

Check out the new look of our engagement acceptance emails

Procurement Schedule enhancements

For customers using the Procurement Schedule, you may have noticed these updates:

  • More accurate data transfer when importing files: When importing CSV files into the Procurement Schedule, the status for packages will be updated as per the import file, removing the need to manually update this information in Felix.  
  • Customise who can import Procurement Schedules: A new permission in Procurement Schedule means administrators can now restrict and select what users can import Procurement Schedules for projects. 

Providing additional control for quote requirements

We've added a new permission in Quote Requirements that allow admins to configure what users can create Quote Requirements for an organisation. This means that only users who have this permission enabled will be able to create RFQ quote requirements applying to all RFQs and create category specific quote requirements.

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