What's new in Felix - our April wrap-up

Last updated May 03, 2022
Written by Kristy Dale
April was a busy month for us here at Team Felix!
Here's a wrap-up of the new features and functionality that were deployed:

Vendor evaluation scores: ability to select N/A when performing an evaluation

We’re excited to announce the release of a very popular feature requested by our users! Organisations who use the Evaluations feature now have the option to select N/A as a response on non-applicable questions so that overall evaluation score isn’t impacted when specific questions don’t apply.

For example, if you’re evaluating vendor performance and select N/A as a response to a question, this would discount the question for the rating and not impact the evaluation score of that vendor.

Choose to add N/A responses when setting up evaluation questions

Focus on what's important by using Procurement Schedule Views

For organisations using Procurement Schedule, we know that these can become quite detailed with a large number of packages and columns. Now you can work with the Felix team to set up a summarised view of the schedule allowing for specific package information to be shown against a project.

For example, as a manager or administrator, you may want to:

  • Create role and task-specific views so that team members don't have to look through all packages every time they complete a task
  • Set up common views so that you can view parameters such as key dates, packages over budget or financials, without having to go into the full schedule and apply multiple filters

Or as a team member, you may want to:

  • Quickly navigate to a procurement schedule view that only displays package columns and rows relevant to your task or project

Get started with Procurement Schedule Views by reaching out to the Felix Support Team.

See views created in Procurement Schedule for 'Overview', 'Tendering', 'Under Evaluation' and 'Awarded Work'

New notifications supporting contract compliance

For those organisations using Contracts Management, you can now receive email reports notifying you of vendor compliance documents that are nearing expiry or have expired, helping contract owners keep informed of vendor compliance related to contracts.

Email reports are configurable in terms of:

  • frequency,
  • lookahead period for expiring documents,
  • contract types and status 

Reports can be automatically sent to a shared mailbox, summarising all impacted contracts and vendors. 

The new section of the Contract Settings page 

An example of email notifications sent providing updates on contract compliance documents

More vendor tag icons for you to choose from

We've updated our library of vendor tags to include icons for each letter of the alphabet.

An example of the new icons added to the library of vendor tags

Improved quick search in Projects listing

When searching for a project in the Project listing, you can now trigger the search by pressing enter rather than having to click the Search button.  

Customisable terms to make Procurement Schedule feel more familiar

We're aware that the term Package within the Procurement Schedule might be called something different depending on your organisation. So we've added the ability to rename this on the left-hand side navigation of the Procurement Schedule by creating custom terms in Felix.

Reach out to the Felix Support Team to implement custom terminology to your Felix navigation panel.

Improved package duplication in Procurement Schedule

When a package is duplicated, the copied version now appears below the original package instead of at the bottom of the package group, allowing for better usability of this feature.

Improved experience starting Procurement Schedule from scratch

When creating a blank Procurement Schedule, Felix will pre-create some columns together with the package title as a suggestion to help you get started.  

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