What's new in Felix - our July wrap-up

Last updated August 02, 2022
Written by Kristy Dale

Check out the new features and functionality that we deployed in July: 

Smoother vendor onboarding

Vendors can now enjoy a smoother onboarding process with enhancements made to questionnaires, allowing them to: 

  • Get a full view of the sections that need to be completed by looking at the list in the sidebar 
  • Freely navigate to the next and previous sections of the questionnaire with the use of buttons at the end of each page, instead of relying on the sidebar to navigate 

Vendors see a new look sidebar and buttons to navigate between sections when completing questionnaires 

We've also made it easier for vendors to complete their application after submitting their payment details. Once payment information is submitted, the vendor is now directed back to the Application Summary screen so that they can easily continue with their onboarding journey.  

New workflow for vendors when submitting payment details

And there’s more to come in this space for vendors. Stay tuned and we will update you in the coming months!  

Capture complete vendor BPAY details in Felix

You’ve always been able to note a vendor’s BPAY biller code in Felix however we’ve now added more fields to ensure you can capture complete vendor payment information. 

If you or your vendors want to use BPAY, please ensure your vendors update their Payment Details in Felix to include their Customer Reference Number. This will help verify the account being paid and speed up the payment process. 

So that you can inform your vendors of this update, feel free to download this flyer and send using the Communications Feature in Felix.

When downloading the Payment Details report in .csv format, you will see that the Customer Reference Number has been added as a column, so that you can easily keep track of which vendors have supplied these details.   

If Felix is connected to your ERP or any other accounting tools through the API, the Customer Reference Number will automatically be updated in both systems to avoid double handling of information. 

View a vendor's BPAY Biller Code and Customer Reference Number (CRN) under Payment Details 

Some further powerful enhancements

Thanks to you, we continue to improve Felix! We’ve been listening to our customer feedback and have introduced some small but powerful enhancements: 

  • Easier to complete and view approvals: When a large amount of text is added to comment boxes for RFQs and RFAs, the size of the box now automatically expands so that recipients can see the full comment. 
  • More flexibility to rate and evaluate vendors: a new 0-2 rating scale has been added to the evaluations feature. Our customer feedback tells us that this will most commonly be useful to measure compliance, where 0 is non-compliant, 1 is partially compliant and 2 is fully compliant.

New 0-2 rating scale added to the evaluations feature

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