How to Restrict Access to Column Groups

Last updated September 20, 2023
Written by Princess Luzadas

You can restrict the access of a user or a team to a column group. This provides flexibility to users to configure access and ensures that sensitive information can only be accessed by appropriate users within the procurement schedule.

Users will need Edit Procurement Schedule Configurations permission to configure access to column groups.

To add a user or team permission to a column group:

  1. Locate the column group you want to restrict access to users on the procurement schedule.
  2. Hover over the column group name and click the small down arrow that appears.
  3. Select Manage group permission.

  4. Select from the options:
    • Anyone can view and edit cells in this field group
    • Select people and teams who have access- Selecting this option allows you to select a specific user or team as well as manage their access type.
      • To add a user or a team, click Add permission.

      • Select a User or team and their Access type from the dropdown then click Save.

  • A restricted column group will have an encircled exclamation point icon before the column group name.
  • View and edit access to column groups allows you to view the columns and/or edit the cell values on the procurement schedule.

  • Permission will apply to all columns within the column group.

  • If you are using Procurement Schedule Views, restrictions will apply to all views where these columns are used.

  • Restricted column groups won't be included on the procurement schedule export if the column group is restricted for the user who is performing the export. This applies both to Export current view and Export all data features.

  • A user will be able to view Budget, Target, and Forecast fields in the RFQ workflow even if they can't access them on the procurement schedule.

  • If you would like a user to always see all restricted groups, use View restricted Column Groups permission in security groups.

  • If you would like a user to always be able to edit all restricted groups, use View restricted Column Groups and Edit all Packages permissions in security groups.

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