Vendor Account Security Best Practises

Last updated November 17, 2022
Written by Princess Luzadas

To protect yourself from risk, learn about setting up individual vendor account users as well as applying security groups to different roles.

Setting up individual vendor account users

It is important to not share account logins and avoid using generic email addresses such as info@, admin@, sales@, accounts@, etc. as these require sharing of passwords within the organisation and sensitive organisational information is shared as well. For best security practises, you can set up multiple individual vendor account users in Felix.

Applying security groups to different roles

Another best security practise is to use security groups which allows you to control the features and information that users interact with when using Felix. You can manage permissions for each security group to allow them to perform certain actions within the platform.

If you have multiple users who have access to Felix, it is recommended to use role based security groups. (e.g. Administrator permission to some users who can access all features in Felix while Standard User permission to other users who have limited access to some features in Felix such as Payment Details or User Management)

Refer to the following articles to know more about security groups:

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