Using Eftsure entities in Felix payment details workflows

Last updated March 20, 2024
Written by Stephen Atkinson

Eftsure provides the ability for organisations to have separate "Entities" for different operating companies or business units.

The Felix-Eftsure integration can allow your team to assign an Eftsure entity in the payment details workflow if you choose. This will prompt your authorised staff users to select an Eftsure Entity (or Entities) in Felix after the vendor submits their payment details - before Felix sends details to Eftsure for verification. 

If you do not enable Entities, then all payment details will be sent to Eftsure without an Assigned Entity and only your Eftsure users with cross-organisation permissions will see these records in Eftsure.

Enabling Entities in Felix

To enable this configuration, after you have set up your Felix-Eftsure integration you will need reach out to the Felix Customer Support Team and provide them with your list of entities from Eftsure.

Once our Customer Support Team have turned on Entities for your account, Felix will be configured to start routing vendor payment detail submissions to you for assignment of entities.

Only once your staff have assigned entities to a payment detail will the vendor be created in Eftsure and the Eftsure verification process will continue.

Assigning Entities to a payment detail in Felix

If you have enabled Entities in your Felix-Eftsure integration, then once vendors start submitting Australian and New Zealand payment details, you will notice:

  • You start getting emails from Felix informing you of payment details that need Assignment of Entities
  • You will see additional icons on some payment details in the payment details lists (for a Vendor Profile) and payment details report.

With this configuration, the Eftsure process cannot continue to completion until you assign Entities to a payment detail.

If you click on the link in an email, or on a flagged payment detail in a list, you will see a section for your attention when you view the detailed view of the payment detail:

  1. Click on the pencil icon to edit the Entities field.
  2. Select one (1) or more Entities from the list. 
  3. Click on Save.
  4. You will see a success message that the Entities have been recorded and the Eftsure process will continue.

It is only after the assignment of Entities that Eftsure will be prompted to reach out to the vendor as needed. Vendors who need validation will not be contacted by Eftsure until you have assigned an Entity.

If you do not see the Entity you were expecting in the list, please check your Eftsure setup with your Customer Success Manager. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to Felix Support for assistance.

You cannot edit or change assigned entities once you have saved them. You can always duplicate the supplier in Eftsure if needed, to show in more entities in Eftsure.

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