New API Extension: Procurement Schedule

Last updated October 07, 2021
Written by Kristy Dale
This API is available to Enterprise customers who are subscribed to the Sourcing API and use the Procurement Schedule module

Get a complete picture of your project health in one glance

The Procurement Schedule API gives you the flexibility to analyse data from all procurement schedule projects across your organisation.

Use the API to connect to common business analytics tools such as Power BI* and Tableau* to create customised reports and dashboards based on your packages and their associated information such as milestones, dates, budgets and owners.

Quickly and easily analyse key metrics to monitor progress, observe trends and gain critical insights.

For example, you may want to:

  • Identify common categories or packages of work across projects to negotiate and create efficiencies on materials and resources for the most effective spend of budget
  • Observe trends in real-time to see how projects are tracking against budget and schedule, and make decisions before any issues may arise
  • Understand what the largest packages are, across all projects, in upcoming months to ensure that they can be administered as effectively as possible

To learn more about how to get started with the API, please see our FAQs. 

Interested in extending the power of Felix with our Sourcing and Procurement Schedule modules? Have a team member contact you today.

*Not offered by Felix

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