What's new in Felix - October 2021

Last updated October 13, 2021
Written by Kristy Dale

Send additional information in messages by including attachments

When sending announcements to vendors, simply drag and drop attachments to the message, allowing your vendors to easily view and download the document all within the Vendor Portal. For example, when communicating a new policy, you can now attached a pdf of that policy in the same announcement.

You can add multiple attachments in a range of formats.

1. Simply drag and drop attachments in the Messages feature to send to vendors

2. Vendors can view and download attachments in the Vendor Portal

Choose from recommended matches to speed up the onboarding process when inviting vendors in bulk

Upon importing a list of vendors to invite to Felix, advanced logic will search to see if they already exist in Felix Marketplace and give you the option of extending the invite to a suggested match. Not only does this avoid duplication of administration effort by vendors, they have also previously gone through the onboarding process and therefore are ready to respond quicker. 

Invite vendors to Felix and be recommended with vendor matches that already exist in Felix Marketplace.

Email enhancements makes for clearer communication

Emails sent as part of the approvals workflow have been revamped to include information that allows for clearer communication to the receiver. Enhancements include RFQ names added to the subject line and in the email, and the addition of a hyperlink to the document needing to be reviewed. If an approval request is declined, a comment box directly in the body of the email allows for reasoning to be provided.

Enhancements to approval workflow emails allow for better understanding of the task at hand 


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