Troubleshooting login problems

Below is a list of common problems experienced by users when logging in. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch our friendly support team.

I've reset my password and it isn't working.

In some cases updating your Felix password won't prompt your internet browser to update a saved account password. When this happens the browser will autofill the password field with an old password preventing you from logging in successfully. To resolve this, try to log in using an incognito window, or clear the saved account password.

I'm receiving an "Invalid token" error.

If you're receiving an invalid token message, this means that the one-time token to set your account password has been previously visited. In some cases links may be visited by your antivirus software causing them to expire. We recommend requesting a new token by completing the reset password form in these cases.

My company uses SSO and I'm not being redirected to our log in page.

If this is your first time logging in via SSO and your organisation is using account auto-creation you'll need to access Felix via your SSO provider portal (Microsoft Portal, Okta, etc).

If your organisation is not using auto-creation and you aren't being redirected, this means the account hasn't yet been set up for you in Felix. You'll need to reach out to an organisation administrator to assist with this.

I haven't received the password reset link.

If you haven't received the password reset link via email, first check the junk or spam folders and complete the steps outlined in our email notification troubleshooting guide. If you continue to experience problems please reach out to our friendly team.

I'm unsure of my login email.

Your Felix login email generally matches the email address that you received the initial invitation to join Felix to. If you're unable to remember the email address, or no longer have access to the email address of the account, please complete a change of ownership.

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