What's new in Felix - our August wrap-up

Last updated August 31, 2022
Written by Kristy Dale

Check out the new features and functionality we deployed in August:

Beta release: Save time and effort by uploading compressed files into an RFQ

You told us that tender documents are often saved as a compressed file to retain a complex folder structure and you simply want to attach them to an RFQ. Now both you and your vendors can upload .zip and .7z files in RFQs with our latest release of compressed files in Sourcing. Say goodbye to manually uploading individual files and folders and hello to faster tendering in Felix. 

Upload compressed files into an RFQ

Please note that this a beta release so while the functionality is fully developed, there still may be some bugs. We just wanted to get this out to Felix users as soon as possible while we continue to develop this further. If you’re wanting to take advantage of using compressed files in Sourcing, please reach out to the Felix Support Team so that they can get you started. 

Conveniently upload multiple files to an approval form

Gone are the days of having to merge multiple files into one PDF just to upload them in an approval form. To make approval workflow that bit easier, you can now upload multiple files as a response to a single question.

Restrict access to sensitive information within Procurement Schedule

If there’s sensitive information contained within Procurement Schedule, you can now restrict access so only those who have the correct permissions can view or edit sensitive columns. This ensures that everyone continues to work from the same Procurement Schedule, providing one centralised view with any sensitive information kept for the eyes of certain stakeholders only.

Restrict access to column groups in Procurement Schedule

An improved Quick Search to help you find what you need

Previously, if you were using the Quick Search within Procurement Schedule to help you find package titles, the search functionality would look for exact matches only. We have now changed the search from ‘exact match’ to ‘contains’, helping you find the package you’re looking for with more ease.

Quick Search now looks for letters or words contained in package titles

More enhancements for smoother vendor onboarding

In July we made some enhancements for vendor onboarding and mentioned there was more to come in August. We continued to deliver!

  • Clear navigation when entering vendor details: When a vendor is entering their company information, they can now freely navigate to the next and previous sections with the use of buttons at the end of each page, instead of relying on the sidebar to navigate 
  • Complete Director details with ease: In some cases, vendors are required to enter the details of more than one Director in the onboarding workflow. Felix will now show the fields that need to be completed for each individual Director so that the necessary information can be captured. 

Easily navigate to next and previous sections when entering vendor details


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