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Last updated September 15, 2022
Written by Kristy Dale

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September 2022

September 15, 2022

Simplifying the RFQ response process for vendors

Available for: Vendors

We've made several enhancements to the way that vendors respond to RFQs in Felix, providing a more intuitive process for vendors, and ideally in turn, more RFQ responses for organisations. 

Below is a summary of what's changed, however you can read the detailed information about the enhancements here.

What's changed for vendors?

  • An improved RFQ response experience: the Response tab (previously the Items/Packages tab) has been renamed and its contents re-organised to make it easier to find and fill out what’s needed to quote on an RFQ. 
  • Confirmation of quote submission: as vendors would like more certainty of their quote submission, we’ve changed the experience to make this clearer, and added an optional email confirmation for your offline records. 
  • Navigation that better mimics the RFQ response process: tabs have been re-ordered to better reflect the workflow that’s followed when responding to an RFQ. 
  • Documents now only on the Documents tab: documents were cluttering the Response tab, so we’ve moved them on the Documents tab. But don’t worry, we will first direct you to this tab when you first open an RFQ. 

What's changed for organisations?

While these changes have no direct impact on the format of information your organisation receives in response to an RFQ, we think it’s useful to know what has changed for your vendors, in case you get any comments or questions.

Two ways you can create column groups

Available for: Procurement Schedule

No need to scroll to the end of the Procurement Schedule to click the '+' button and add column groups. Simply click the '+' button located in your column group header to reveal another option that allows you to perform this action.

Look for the '+' button in the column group header to create a new column group

September 14, 2022

Make sense of zip file downloads with new naming

Available for: Sourcing

When pressing the Download All button to obtain documents that a vendor responded with in an RFQ, Felix generates a zip file. We’ve added the vendor into the name of the zip file, so that you can easily distinguish between the zip files if downloading all documents from multiple vendors.

For example:

Before: RFQ1234.zip


September 13, 2022

Enter accurate contract values for better reporting

Available for: Contract Management

We understand many customers issue $0 contracts such as Frame Agreements and don't wish to complicate reporting with a forced $1 value. So we now allow $0 contract values in the contract repository.

September 9, 2022

Enhancements to drop down lists in Procurement Schedule

Available for: Procurement Schedule

When using drop-down field types in the Procurement Schedule, you told us that in some instances the drop-down lists weren’t showing all the options that you can choose from. For example, when searching for a package status or a package category. This behaviour was due to paginated options in the drop-downs. 

We’ve made an improvement here to show all available options on click, so you don’t need to guess what options are available and can navigate the schedule a lot faster.

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